Manganese Intoxication Presenting with Depressive Symptoms: A Case Report

Doğancan SÖNMEZ , Çiçek HOCAOĞLU
2023 September - 60 (3)


• Amalgam fillings can cause manganese intoxication.
• Depressive symptoms may be among the early symptoms
of Mn intoxication.
• Recognizing the first signs of intoxication prevents
irreversible results.
• Exclusion of organic pathologies is important in atypical
psychiatric symptoms.
• L-dopa is effective in treatment of neurological


Manganese regulates many enzymes in the human body and is
essential for normal development and bodily function. Chronic
manganese poisoning has an insidious and progressive course and
usually begins with nonspecific complaints such as headache, fatigue,
sleep disturbances, irritability and emotional instability. In the following
process, neurological symptoms like parkinsonism are added. A severe
clinical condition that is irreversible may occur. In this case report, a
female patient who applied to the psychiatry outpatient clinic with
depressive symptoms and was diagnosed with manganese intoxication
in the following period will be presented.
Keywords: Depressive disorder, manganase intoxication, psychiatric