Relationship Between Psychological Resilience, Perceived Stress, Death Anxiety and Progression of Disease in Individuals with COVID-19

2023 September - 60 (3)


• Women and patients with comorbid illnesses are
vulnerable groups in terms of COVID-19.
• Perceived stress and death anxiety is higher in patients
who do not fully recover.
• Higher level of recovery from COVID-19 is associated
with higher psychological resilience.
• Vulnerable groups need to be closely monitored for
mental health support.


Introduction: This study examines the association between perceived
stress, death anxiety, psychological resilience and the sociodemographic
and clinical features of patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
Methods: 304 patients with COVID-19 diagnosis, who were admitted
to İstanbul University İstanbul Faculty of Medicine Hospital “COVID-19
Patients Monitoring Center” were recruited. No sample selection was
made, all the patients who were followed up and treated in the center
were included. Data was collected by the researchers through face-toface
interviews using the Sociodemographic Information and Disease
Progression Form, Psychological Hardiness Scale (PHS), Perceived Stress
Scale (PSS), and Templer Death Anxiety Scale (TDAS).
Results: Women scored higher in PSS and TDAS. Participants with
chronic diseases reported higher death anxiety whereas perceived stress
was higher in individuals with psychiatric disorders and ones without
a history of intensive care unit stay. Participants without psychiatric
disorders, who had longer hospitalization and who fully recovered
scored higher in PHS-Control. Patients’ report of negative attitudes from
their relatives/friends was associated with lower scores in PHS. Perceived
stress was correlated with death anxiety and psychological resilience.
Conclusion: Being female, comorbid physical and mental illnesses,
continuation of disease symptoms and low psychological resilience were
found to be risk factors in terms of stress and death anxiety in COVID-19
patients. These vulnerable groups need to be closely evaluated with a
bio-psychosocial approach and provided psychological support during
the course of the disease. Health institutions are recommended to
conduct medical treatment in cooperation with psychological care.
Keywords: COVID-19, death anxiety, perceived stress, psychological